Type Instrument(s)
A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief Solo Piano
Come, Come, Ye Saints Solo Piano
Type Instrument(s)
Backyard Suite (original)
  1. Dragonflies
  2. Sunflowers
  3. Grasshoppers
Quartet Piano, Marimba, String Bass, Drums
First Flight(original) Solo Piano
Sabre Dance(arrangement) Duet Piano, Xylophone/Percussion
Sunflowers(original) Solo Piano
The Gathering(original) Solo Piano
Type Instrument(s)
Silent Night Waltz Solo Piano
Silent Night Waltz Duet or Trio Piano, Violin/Flute, Opt. Cello
We Three Kings Duet or Trio Piano, Violin/Flute, Opt.Cello; Piano & 2 Violins
We Three Kings Percussion Ensemble Various Percussion

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